Unravelling the concept of Masking the myth of high functioning autism - Past Event IAW

Unravelling the concept of ‘Masking’: the myth of high functioning autism

Date: 4th April 2024 
Time: 4 PM to 5 PM 
Mode: Virtual (LinkedIn Live) 
LinkedIn Page Handle: @Inclusion at Work 

A Sneak Peek at what the Insta Live will cover:

👉 Why do Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) slip through the gap in the diagnostic criteria for autism?   

👉 Is ‘high functioning autism’ really high masking autism? How was discontinuing the use of Asperger’s syndrome a step in the right direction?  

👉 Understanding ‘hustle culture’ a neuronormative standard: and how it can become a structural barrier for neurodivergent folx.

👉 What is ‘masking’? Is there a higher occurrence of masking in AFAB persons?

👉 What are the consequences of masking? Is there a relationship between masking and the development of secondary mental health issues?  

👉 What can support look like for autistic people in the workplace, especially with the nuance of masking?  

👉 What is the scope of DEIB initiatives towards creating a pro-neurodivergence work culture?  

👉 What are some dos and don’ts when it comes to affirming autistic experience in the workplace? 

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