2 Hour Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Training Program

30,000.00 + Taxes

We will cover the following during the program:

  1. Learning about different kinds of harassment in the context of age, race, religion, gender, disability etc. and understanding:
    1. Workplace violence or bullying
    2. Sexual harassment and
    3. Discriminatory harassment
    4. Online harassment
  2. Understanding discrimination based on marriage status, divorce, pregnancy, relationships, financial status, family background etc.
  3. Talking about conscious and unconscious biases:
    1. Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Discrimination
    2. Cultural context
    3. Unconscious Bias in action
    4. Recognizing our biases
    5. Ways to address unconscious biases
  4. How do Microaggressions play a role?
  5. What is not harassment or discrimination?
  6. Organization’s policy and values  (to be discussed with organization)
  7. Understanding complaint filing and redressal mechanism (to be discussed with organization)
  8. Measures for protection from harassment & discrimination
  9. Understanding our own role & responsibilities

Duration: 2 Hours

Batch Size: Maximum 100 participants

Please note, a call can be scheduled to discuss your expectations & requirements. Once you have placed the order, we will confirm the date and facilitator details.

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Sexual Harassment, Workplace & Applicability:

  • Understanding ‘unwelcome’
  • Sexual harassment: physical vs. virtual
  • What may lead to sexual harassment?
  • Understanding ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘hostile work environment’
  • Understanding Employee, Workplace etc.

Process of Filing Complaint & Redressal mechanism:

  • Internal Committee (IC): Composition, Term, Removal
  • Process for filing Complaint
  • Redressal process
  • Consequences of Malicious Complaints
  • Importance of maintaining confidentiality
  • Bystander effect: Role when you observe or witness sexual harassment

Vision of Organization, Things to keep in Mind & Prevention:

  • Emphasizing on purpose of the Law & policy
  • Values & mission of the Organization
  • Rights and duties of each employee
  • Empowering employees in handling instances of harassment outside workplace like: Stalking, Voyeurism
  • Using media for violating privacy etc.
  • Preventive Measures (also focusing on do’s and don’ts while working from home)