Getting Queerious with POSH: Discussion on Queer rights at the intersection of POSH – 9th Jun 2023

Please see the overview below for the same:

  • LGBTQIA+: What does it mean to be Trans & Queer?
  • Laws applicable to LGBTQ+ community
  • Redressal mechanisms available to queer & Trans folx under the laws
  • Deconstructing POSH at the intersections of Queer & Trans identities
  • How is dignity & autonomy held onto in the spirit of the POSH Act?
  • How does POSH act respond to sexual violations experienced by Trans & Nonbinary folks?
  • Role of Organisations in taking steps to intervene where the laws fails
  • Roles & responsibilities of IC and Complaint officer under the POSH & TPA Act respectively
  • What is the complaint officer’s role when POSH is invoked?

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